OnsLoW & Stylis

We are pleased to have signed up a couple of tracks from this fresh new production duo consisting of OnsLoW and Stylis DJ, more details on that to come, meanwhile here are their artist profiles….

OnsLoW & Stylis

A newly formed hard dance production duo from the East Coast, focusing on the harder, darker sounds of the underground! The pair are rapidly making their mark on the free party scene with their cheeky hard dance remix of pink panther and the psy-infused version of the imperial march. They’re currently working hard in the studio to create more phat and fresh productions for the spaced out minds of the underground rave scene and in doing so helping to keep it alive and rolling.

Collaboration’s with Gallagher, Code E and more are soon to hit the net, so you’ll be sure to hear more from these two in the coming months! With their forthcoming debut release soon to be arriving on the long awaited Primitive Records label, Onslow & Stylis are sure to get off to a good start in the industry, and will be bringing lots more tasty tunage to the party!

Stylis DJ

Stylis DJ photo strip

BJ Rouse aka “Stylis DJ” is from the South East and lives for music. At the age of seven BJ was in his bedroom learning to play keyboard, mimicking riffs he had heard from theme tunes, classical pieces and chart songs, quickly teaching himself the basic skills to play. BJ had frequent music lessons up until his early teens, by which time his interests took a leaning towards dance music and DJ culture.

By the age of fourteen, BJ had finally gotten his first pair of CD decks, then he swiftly moved on to turntables. Over the years BJ has dabbled with many different genres, but mostly music with a 4/4 beat such as electro, techno, progressive, psytrance, and hard trance. BJ got his first chance to play at a free party in Norfolk at the youthful age of just seventeen. He was noticed as an up and coming DJ, due to his smooth performances on the turntables and floor filling record collection. This gained him access to the decks at local halls, clubs, pubs and the odd naughty free party.

BJ’s music is influenced by a lot of the older hard trance productions by artists like Dark by Design, Kamui, Scott Project, Warp Brothers, Cai, Beam & Cyrus, DJ Wag to name just a few. It is these producers that have inspired BJ to follow on his dream to one day make it as a well known DJ & Producer around the globe.

At the age of twenty one with nearly six years of mixing and producing experience behind him, BJ has learned a lot about the different styles of music he has favoured and followed. He is now starting to find his own style of production, which he brings to the studio along with his natural talent for music.


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Luke Onslow was introduced to the dance music at around the age of 13, listening to drum & bass and hardcore mix tapes. As his interest in the scene grew, listening was just not enough for Luke any more, he had to be involved! He decided the best way to achieve this, was by learning to mix vinyl. After a few months of mixing and with help from some friends he got to grips with the turntables and enrolled on a National Diploma in Creative Music.

It was during this time that Luke first came into contact with the music software, Cubase. By then he had also discovered the free party scene and taken a heavy interest in Hard Trance and Dance, so naturally he started to put together his own short productions in this genre. Continuing to concentrate on his mixing while still studying music production and learning valuable techniques from college, his mixing rapidly improved and soon he was playing slots at local club nights, halls and free parties. After spending many long hours in the studio Luke’s understanding of music and production skills improved further and he began putting together his own tracks. His production style is influenced by artists like DJ Arne L II, Gollum & Yanny, Genesis, K4ne, Zac Steele, Logger & Gnetic & many more that keep the scene alive and rocking.


Listen to and follow OnsLoW on Soundcloud

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