Cai is the primary artist at Primitive Records whilst also running the label.  On this page you can find info on his upcoming parties and events, listen to his sets and other releases via Juno download & Track It Down and browse his full discography.

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Cai has been DJing and producing the harder edge of dance music since the late nineties. Influenced by both the UK and European production styles of artists & DJs such as Lab 4, Oberon, Baby Doc, Choci, Tinrib, DJ Wag, S.h.o.k.k, Commander Tom and Uberdruck, to name but a very few. His own original style of production fits in amongst the genres of hard dance, hard trance, german trance and NRG.

Playing at local clubs before going on to DJ and perform live pas at London’s ground-breaking nights of the day, such as “Escape from Samsara” at The Fridge and “Pendragon” at Tyssen Street Studios gained him recognition as a top notch artist and performer. Other highlights include playing main stage at Brixton Academy, SE1 & The Drome, Antiworld’s 777 festival, Waveform festival, Project Storm and The Country Club.

Cai’s discography includes tracks released on Choci’s Cannon Record such as “Neurotoxicity” and his cheeky “inspector gadget vs. thundercats / James Bond 007” white-label, which gained him notoriety in the UK free party scene of the noughties. He currently has tracks out on Unit One, Grem-tek & Blackout, Transfixion and Mode303. Plans are also in motion to release more of his catalogue on his own label; Primitive records.

Expect more of the same harder dance music Cai is know for in the coming months, as well as, some of his new, more electro and techno influenced creations. Follow his soundcloud space and like his facebook page for fresh material, downloads, news and release dates.



Choci, Cai and Ford Moon 5 / Pervert(12″) Cannon Records 1998
Cai Gadget / 007 (12″) White Label 2000
Cai Neurotoxicity (12″) Cannon Records 2002
DJ CAI Hypno Toad (MP3, WAV) Unit One Recordings 2011
CAI The Exorcist (MP3, WAV) Blackout Recordings 2011
CAI A Force More Powerful (MP3, WAV) GremTek Records 2011
CAI James Bond 007 (MP3, WAV) Transfixion Recordings 2011
Union Jack Papillon CAI Remix (MP3, WAV) Porcupine Records 2011
CAI The Power (MP3, WAV) Mode 303 2011
CAI Gongoozling (MP3, WAV) Primitive Records 2011
Onslow & Stylis Pink Panther [CAI Remix] (MP3, WAV) Primitive Records 2012
CAI Gadget / Thundercats (MP3, WAV) Primitive Records 2012

You can also browse CAI’s full discography through the excellent discogs website, this is also a great place to trade vinyl & CDs!

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Listen and buy CAI’s other digital releases on Juno Download and Track It Down

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CAI DJ Set – March of the Arch Mad Hare – March 2013 (Techno / Progressive / Electro / Trance)

CAI DJ Set – Fox Den Frolics – Sept 2012 (House / Techno / Electro)

CAI DJ Set – Liquid Summer – July 2012 (Tech / Progressive / Hard Trance)

CAI DJ Set – Pendragon @ Jamm 12-11-2011 (Hard Trance / Hard Dance / Progressive / Minimal)

CAI DJ Set – Pugshole Smashup (Minimal / Techno / House / Electro) Sept 2011 [320 kbps MP3]

CAI livepa @ The Fridge 16-11-2002 [320 kbps MP3]

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